TLC’s Craft War’s Review

Crafting is Cool Again!

Hey blogging friends, I have been given the opportunity to have a 
sneak peak at an upcoming new TV series on TLC called, Craft Wars!
crafting is not just about creative use of material, it is about style’ (Erica Domesek)

source – TLC Craft Wars

The theme is Crafting is Cool Again. You all know this – you live this
 every day seeing the potential in everyday – sometimes throw away objects.  
The popularity of crafting has come as a result of necessity, vision, 
creativity and inspiration.

source – TLC Craft Wars

TLC has latched on to this growing trend and has created an exciting show
pitting three crafters from different backgrounds, expertise and interests in
a very unique competition – The crafters will compete in two rounds, given 
tasks to complete in a specific timeframe! I believe you will connect with their
craft style and root for the one you wish to win. Yes, they will win and win big – 
the ultimate prize is $10,000!
source – TLC Craft Wars

The show and studio is supported by one of our favorite craft supply stores,

and lets face it hang-outs – Michael’s- Arts and Craft Store!

source – TLC Craft Wars

Could you just imagine – dare to dream – of an opportunity to have unlimited

access to all Michael’s has to offer to create one of a kind crafts!
I felt like I wanted to jump through the screen to look at and to try all 
of the wonderful craft supplies displayed for the contestant’s use.

source – TLC Craft Wars

We have a great show.

source – TLC Craft Wars

We have amazing resources.

source – TLC Craft Wars

TLC has added the bonus of an awesome hostess, Tori Spelling
and three amazing and inspiring Judging Panelists.
source TLC Craft Wars

Tori Spelling is a passionate mother and crafter – a self described ‘craftista’.

 Tori has developed a beautiful line of scrapbook and stamping supplies that I know you’d love! You can also find more of her lifestyle inspirations on her
website, ediTORIal by Tori Spelling. Tori has also shared her entertaining tips
On the Judging Panel you will find creative and enthusiastic minds that
you can relate to.

source – TLC Craft Wars
Erica Domesek is the founder, creator and author of P.S. – I Made This! She hosts a go-to online site. You’ll find youthful, trendy inspiration for DIY projects, fashion and all things lifestyle. You’ll understand and relate to her motto, ‘I see it. I like it. I make it”. I know that is exactly how a very many of you are inspired! Her expertise and talents have been showcased by Teen Vogue,Glamour, InStyle and more.
You can find more inspiration on Erica’s website, P.S. I made this…
source TLC Craft Wars

Stephen Brown, founder of Glitterville Studios began as a costume designer for TV and film, inspired by his philosophy of ‘making every day a holiday’ Stephen designed and created a line of holiday and every day giftware that is bright, ‘wacky and whimsical’. Stephen is the author of ‘Glitterville’s Handmade Halloween’.  You will find more of Stephen’s brilliance on his very colorful website, Glitterville, Where every day is a holiday!
source – TLC Craft Wars

Jo Pearson has been Michael’s Creative Expert for more than 25 years. if you have spent any time at Michaels and perused their projects you have probably been looking at the creativity of Jo Pearson.  Jo has authored several craft books and webisodes that inspire crafters with the motto, ‘everyone can be creative with the right inspiration’. Jo’s creativity is displayed throughout Michael’s Craft Store website.

Youthful, innovative, and experienced are the qualities brought to the panel of judges –
you’ll connect with their creative perspective and gain from their area of expertise.

An exciting show, inspiring hostess and talented panel of judges – you will want to spend your Tuesday evenings with TLC at 10/9C, notepad and pen in hand – cool drink and perhaps some popcorn for a wonderful hour of fun, inspiring and exciting crafting experiences.

Remember! The battle begins on TLC Tuesday, June 26 at 10/9C!

Photos courtesy of TLC Craft Wars

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  1. Wonderful fun!Thank you for the news.

  2. I would absolutely LOVE this show! Thanks for letting us know! What summer time fun! Hugs!

  3. I think I would really enjoy this show. Thank you for sharing the info!

  4. I will check this show out for sure now. Thanks for your input.


  5. Neat! I don’t watch television but it sure is nice to see beautiful Tori Spelling again – she has certainly aged well – looks better now than back in the 90210 days, actually! Must be all that craftin’ keeping her young!

  6. I’ll go check it out!!

  7. Eeek! That’s me an my husband in those first two pictures!!! I can’t WAIT to see the full episode!