Lavender Cottage Guest Post

Lavender Cottage
I am honoured that Kathy at A Delightsome Life has asked me to share a bit about myself in her ‘How They Do It‘ series.  I have been an avid gardener since we bought our first house and a freelance garden writer and photographer for 11 years.  Lavender Cottage is the name of our home and my writing business.
Lavender Cottage blog was started to further my garden writing but then I came across fellow bloggers with a mutual interest in Victorian decor and tea parties and I started to post about them as well.
 The old saying that ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ is true of bloggers too.  I have come to know some wonderful women with common interests yet to keep things in perspective, my blogging circle is quite small compared to many.  It takes time to visit and leave nice comments so I only do what I feel I can handle and hope I don’t offend anyone.  
Originally I set up my own blog template but that’s stressful when you don’t have the necessary computer skills and I wasn’t getting the effect I wanted.  Hiring a professional was money well spent and scrutinizing blogs I admire inspires some of my content.
Two of my favourite magazines, Victoria and Tea Time have also contributed to topics I post on, and who can resist all the delightful decorating ideas they offer?
Sometimes I show my family; husband Glenn and I celebrated our 40th anniversary this summer
and we’re proud of our 2 daughters, their husbands and our 6 grandchildren.
Gardening is definitely therapeutic and a hobby that can offer relaxation while at the same time, allow a person to be creative.  Each gardener realizes their own style and I’ve found mine to be Cottage Victorian.  Lots of wrought iron with formal elements mixed with an English cottage style.
 A bonus is the wildlife that is attracted and it can be a beauty or…
a beast.  Eventually an ecosystem forms when a balance is established from a diversity of plants and wildlife.
Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this  meeting that a new world is born
~Arais Nin~


I think it is marvelous that Judith has offered to sponsor a giveaway
in this last “How Does She Do It” Summer Guest Post! She has
been a Delightsome blogging buddy for a couple years now! 
There will be TWO winners. Here is what you can win! 

Aren’t they darling! These tabletop battenburg lace parasols that are perfect for
tea table props! I can just see them amidst dainty teacups, flowers and desserts! 

These lovely parasols will be awarded to TWO winners
 – here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post indicating you’d love
to win a parasol – please make sure there’s a way I
can reach you.
2. Leave a comment on Judith’s blog Lavender Cottage– she’ll be 
posting this same post – I’ll be moderating the giveaway and
will put together the entries from both posts based upon
time of entry/comment.
3. blog about or place the Lavender Cottage/Delightsome Life
Tabletop Parasol Giveaway button on your sidebar – leave
a comment on A Delightsome Life indicating you did!
4. Become a follower of Lavender Cottage and/or A Delightsome Life.

The giveaway is from Thursday, August 30 to Thursday, September 13.
We will announce the winner on Friday, August 14!
entrants can only be Canada and US citizens

Thank you, Judith. I truly appreciate you sharing with us. I have thoroughly enjoyed
visiting with you over the years and greatly appreciate you,
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  1. This is a lovely post. I will go over and have a little peak at Lavender Cottage now. I love cottage gardens. The little parasols are a delight too. I would so love one of those. xx

  2. Wonderful guest post today, Kathy! I have known Judith for quite some time and it is lovely to see her as your special guest today. Love those parasols too. I will add the giveaway to my sidebar. Thank you for a lovely post and giveaway. Have a delightful day.


  3. Leaving a comment here as well as at Lavender Cottage. Followers in both places! Might you mean that the drawing is open until September 13/14? Thanks for all the work you do to make reading such a pleasure.♥♫

  4. I went over to see Lavender Cottage and became a follower. It’s lovely,I also pasted the button onto my blog. x

  5. Such a lovely post and what a fantastic garden. I will pop over and have a good look at her blog. Thank you for sharing. Tracy

  6. Hi Kathy,
    thank you for hosting this lovely guest post. I know Judith from the weekly Sandi’s Tea Times Table and love her posts. It was really interesting to read her post. The Battenberg lace parasols are too cute. Would love to have one.
    Best greetigns, Johanna

  7. Thank you, Ladies, for hosting a sweet giveaway together. It’s a charming idea.

  8. Oops…forgot to say that I already follow both blogs and I have placed the sweet lavender button on my sidebar. Thanks again!

  9. Beautiful post, Kathy. Enjoyed it immensely. Susan

  10. Just simply lovely and charming! What else can I say!

    Greetings from the Perigord, South-West of France,

  11. Hi Kathy,
    What a delightful post. I adore her garden style, I think it’s my favorite.
    I’d love to win the darling little parasols.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Hi Kathy, I enjoyed your guest post from Judith and am a follower of both wonderful blogs! The parasols are sweet. Have a lovely day! Pamela

  13. Hi Kathy,
    loved your guest post and Judith’s beautiful garden’s! I met Judith at Sandi’s Tea Time Tuesday!! Love her blog, so inspirational and follower. The parasol’s are wonderful. Have a nice week.

  14. Oh, I was excited to see the Lavender Cottage here too! She’s one of my blog favs and I always enjoy her posts about her garden and beautiful flowers! Enjoy the holiday weekend coming up! Hugs!

  15. What a lovely post! And a realization; “Cottage Victorian” perfectly describes what I had thought to be my electic mix, as well!
    Hugs, Anne

  16. What a lovely post! And a realization; “Cottage Victorian” perfectly describes what I had thought to be my electic mix, as well!
    Hugs, Anne

  17. What a great guest post. Her gardens are beautiful- xo Diana

  18. Love this post, I am following Judith now too, and would love to win the parasols. I am posting the sidebar button and have left a comment at Lavender Cottage. Thanks! Hugs~Lori

  19. Great post, lovely ladies, and adorable Victorian parasols! Have a wonderful wknd!

  20. What a lovely post.. Adorable.. Have a wonderful weekend.. ahead..

  21. The lace parasols are adorable. Both mom and daughters are beautiful. I think I have similar taste in gardens, though I seriously lack a green thumb. My plants all seem to die. I hope that one day this will turn around for me though.

  22. Every once in awhile I have friends over for a tea party with the sandwiches, scones and pastries it’s a fun way to get together and catch up. I noticed your Victoria magazine it’s one of my favorites that I picked up at second hand stores when I come across them.
    Have a great day.

  23. A great post..but I miss your delightful music!

    • Hello! Thank you I appreciate you stopping by – Judith is such a blessing! I checked and my blog’s music is still running – If you still have problems let me know – I’ll be updating it for the fall very soon.


  24. I would love to win one of the adorable parasols to use for a tea party. My granddaughters would love it! I’m a new follower 🙂

  25. These are adorable. What a delightful addition for one’s tea table. I’m hoping it might be mine! 😉
    Thanks, Kathy and Judith. ~ Sarah

  26. I’m a follower of both Delightsome Life and Lavender Cottage. ~ Sarah

  27. The min parasols are so cute and I would love to win them. I am your follower. I already left a comment on Judith’s but I will go back to check if I am a follower and if not, I will become one….Christine

  28. Yep, I am Judith’s follower now….Christine

  29. Have been a follower since first began my blog-OF COURSE I would enjoying having and using the dainty little parasols-

    Like Gramma’s House

  30. What a lovely post–I loved seeing Judith’s garden. The picture of the urn in the pathway is so beautiful! It’s always interesting to hear how a person gets involved in blogging and how their blog grows and changes over time.

  31. I just love your blog and hers too. Cute giveaway.

  32. Beautiful! I love Judith’s garden and what a great giveaway idea!

  33. Great giveaway and I would love to win.

  34. Hi Kathy,
    Beautiful guest post! I would love to win one of the precious parasol!