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I am so excited to share with you my newest sponsor, Jackie Adams – independent consultant with Lilla Rose. I am excited to share her website and product line with you, because

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I wear Lilla Rose


A few years back, I decided to allow my hair to grow. Dearest really loves long hair, as do I. Occasionally, I’ll wear my hair up in a pony-tail, a twist or such – the unique hair accessories by Lilla Rose make these styles feminine and elegant – I just love them. Also, I have to wear keys to work – for a while I wore one of those typical shoe-string-like badge holders – just not cute at all.

Lilla Rose has a line of gorgeous badge holders that make your badge, or in my case keys, a lovely accessory.


From their fabulous Flexi-Clips





Headbands                                             You Clips                                           Hair Sticks



Bobby-Pins                                      O-Rings                                                     Badges


Pop on over and see all the amazing designs, check out the how-to-video to determine which Flexi-Clip size/s is suitable for you –

Please let Jackie know I sent you if you find your Delighted by any of these gorgeous hair accessories!



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  1. I am in love with Lilla Rose! The flexi clips are so elegant and very very sturdy. I reccommend them to everyone! I think they are classy looking, easy to use, and come in so many different styles. I’m not big on advertising things, but Lilla Rose is worth the money!

  2. Wow, thanks Bonnie! I just fell in love with the clips the very first time I saw one in a friend’s hair. That was 2 years ago and I still enjoy sharing with people how well they work.
    If anyone has any questions I can be reached through my website ~ look forward to hearing from your lovely readers, Kathy!

  3. Lady Linda says:

    My first exposure to Lilla Rose but oh how charming and beautiful.
    You hair is lovely.
    Thanks for sharing.