Snow Day Two

Here Comes The Sun

I so enjoyed my snow day yesterday. I walked around, took pictures, watched the birds and made a snowman! Poor little Olaf…looks pretty sad! But, I did have fun! Later that night my body ached…I thought, I’m just not a kid anymore, although my enthusiasm yesterday was childlike.

Today, the snow will melt under the sun and the warmer temperatures. I wanted to capture just a little more. 

A Delightsome Life snow 2014





Around a magnificent historic home…

this home I can see from my kitchen window. It’s currently empty.





IMG_9995The detail in this home is amazing…I hope that it will be restored some day.

Oh, and here’s my little Olaf. 

IMG_9945and the inspiration….lesson learned – no food coloring!

olaf the snowman Frozen


Snow is a rare event here, I have to enjoy every moment of it before it’s a memory.

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  1. Well if that’s not the funniest ( and cutest ) little snowman I’ve ever seen lol – come up to Montreal – you could build monster ones!
    That house is just magnificent – love the shots of the ceiling ( porch ) gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Suzan! Mine was about as big as a cat 😉 that is what I could handle on my own – without gloves! I gave a pair to my daughter and couldn’t find my other pair! Don’t need them that often!

  2. I love your Olaf! That movie was enchanting, wasn’t it? And I am intrigued by that gorgeous house! Why is it empty? Is it for sale? What is the inside like, do you know? Can you tell by my questions that I love old houses?

    • Hello Barbara, yes, it is empty. I think because the owner lives elsewhere. I am thinking that it will be on the market shortly. It is called the Burwell-Goss house. It has 8 bedrooms and 2 baths – from what I’ve found – it’s magnificent. Lots of great detail. I believe it is quite large – guessing over 6000 sq ft. There’s some historical sites online that might have more info. Hope this helped!

  3. Oh! How sad to see that marvelous house empty and unloved! Do you ever have daydreams of “rescuing” it yourself and decorating just as you please? What would you do first, after shoring up any and all damage of time? I can just picture gorgeous gardens all around such a house and a fabulous parlor with velvet settees, hosting fabulous tea parties on that amazing porch! Thank you so much for sharing your “view”, Kathy!

    • Yes, Laurel I do. I was dreaming as I walked around it. I would LOVE to make that into a B & B. There’s 8 bedrooms, but only 2 baths. There’s a lot of the original details still there. There’s a wonderful screened in porch and I think an open area on the second floor. There’s a fish pond, a formal garden in the back and 4+ acres. Yes, I have truly dreamt of this house! I shared with friends that I ‘think’ it is available and they’re sharing with friends. A house this large will probably be quite an investment (about 6000 sq ft)

  4. Your photos are lovely, Kathy. I really like your little Olaf, and that historic house – Wow!

  5. Kathy, antique houses are a delight of mine; I hate to see them fall into disrepair. When I was a child, there was an old, dilapidated house on a hill near my grandparents’ house that predated the Civil War. It was in a style my mother called “plantation plain,” basically a large farmhouse. We couldn’t go inside because it was too dangerous to venture inside, but I loved romanticizing about fixing it up one day. A few years later, it was razed and new owners built an atrocity in its place. That was more than 30 years ago, but when I think of that hilltop, the plantation plain is still there.

  6. LOL Olaf is cute!!

  7. Beautiful pictures Kathy! It is so weird for me, being a Canadian Prairie girl, to see green leaves and snow together. Oh my the house you see from the kitchen window is gorgeous…wouldn’t that be fun to work on!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Would love to see more of the same views as the seasons change, especially that home. I hope someone restores it!

  9. Beautiful winter!

    Happy weekend.


  10. Your pictures are gorgeous! I really enjoyed looking at them. That is a beautiful house. Hugs,

  11. I hope that house gets the TLC it needs. Olaf is adorable!


  1. […] Snow day two here in Georgia. As you can tell, the sky was clear and the sun was beginning to melt the snow. I wanted to capture a few more moments of this rare event. I walked over to this historic house that I can see from my kitchen window. It is empty and may be for sale soon…it’s magnificent! […]