Sweet Ladies and Red Roses

I love the serenity of winter decor, there’s a sense of calm. 

beautiful ladies winter decor

Living in the country some times it can get pretty quiet. It causes me to pause, to look and to observe the beauty surrounding me. 

red roses lady bust on trough

One evening I was sitting at the corner of one of our living room couches and glanced at the sweet lady bust on our book trough.

lamp view ladies to trough

I had placed two small bouquets of red roses by her. She with the roses appeared quite serene to me.

ladies viewpoint to bookshelf


Then I noticed from the angle of the lamp on the lamp table that the view was quite lovely.

ladies and red roses viewpoint

So I began to explore angles and noted how from one vantage to another, I’d placed my ladies to where, to me, there was a beautiful view.

red rose ladies busts living room winter decor

The red roses were set in to champagne glasses…simple and sweet. 

lamp view to dining room winter decor

The color red is to me a neutral and flows throughout the different rooms in my home.

red roses and ladies view to mantel vignette


I am liking the serene flow of this year’s winter decor in my home.

two ladies viewpoint book trough to mantel

These two ladies usually stand together on the mantel or atop the book cases…I like seeing them separate, but together.

red rose ladies busts living room winter decor


I hope you’re enjoying this quiet, serene time of the year and that you’re able to enjoy the beauty indoors and out.

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  1. Kathy,
    Your photos are gorgeous and that lady bust is beautiful! Love the splash of red. Your room is quite lovely!
    Have a great day!

  2. Kathy,
    Just gorgeous.

  3. Your photo’s are very pretty. I’m more of Spring girl!

  4. Hi Kathy,

    It’s true that life in the country can get pretty quiet sometimes, but this serenity and peace also allows me to hear my own thoughts, make observations that I probably would be too distracted to do if I lived in a bustling and noisy city, (which I did, for 22 years!), and appreciate the sounds of all my naturally gifted neighbours, like the birds that sing a sweet song at breakfast every day.

    Your living room is a calm and tranquil space, and your own sweet ‘roommates’ permanently take their seats there, as no one would want to wander too far away from this most lovely scented space.


  5. Oh, Kathy the busts and lamp are just gorgeous! Now that’s just my style!

  6. Your ladies are beautiful. I love your serenity in enjoying your home. I am feeling the same way. Since I have retired, I enjoy every day in my beautiful home. Not getting out much lately due to the weather and am playing a lot in the studio.

  7. Very soft and serene- Sometimes we see those special glimpses and they inspire us. Love it!

  8. I think it is good to pause in ones own home… to see the beauty that we walk past every day in our busy lives. Your ladies are beautiful and do look very serene.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  9. Hi Kathy, Your lady is lovely. Such a sweet face. I do the same. In a few quiet moments I sit in my living room in the dark of night with the candle glow and enjoy my cozy room. Thankful for all that I have. Make it a great day.