Winter White Tea

Waiting For Snow

window seat winter white teaThis afternoon the buzz in Georgia is snow. I just heard that we’re now under an official Winter Storm Watch. It’s amazing to realize that as the bright sunny days are being changed over with the coming clouds that the landscape outside my window can look drastically different.

I am looking forward to it!

I grew up in southern California and have lived the majority of my life in the south. For a few years we lived in Ohio and experienced ‘real’ winters. I loved it. Even the blizzards. It was a fascinating world transformed by the snow.

Winter White Tea cup

So I sit on the window seat in our bedroom and look at our garden below. 

I should take a before – after photo…but, right now I’m enjoying the quiet-stillness of the moment. 

winter white tea Beloved Esposa

Romance is in the air as Valentines approaches. 

So I’m reading one of the most charming love stories I know. Did you know that Stonewall Jackson, General in the Civil War wrote love letters to his beautiful wife? He was a man of deep faith and expressed that and his love for his wife and country in these letters. The story can be found in Beloved Bride: The Letters of Stonewall Jackson to His Wife

heart shaped powdered cookie

Heart-Shaped Powdered Lemon Cookies

I had some cookie dough in the freezer and made these heart-shaped cookies in honor of the romantic book, this romantic time and the dusting of sugar – in honor of the upcoming snow.

winter white tea by windowseat

Quiet moments on my window seat. 

Awaiting the snow….thinking of one of the sweet songs from Frozen
….’Do you wanna make a Snowman?’ Yes, yes I do!

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  1. Oh, that is so adorable and so romantic, Kathy….Christine

  2. Becky Povich says:

    Such lovely décor! I can’t believe Georgia is getting snow…plus even parts of the gulf coast! I’ve always loved snow, especially around Christmas, but these frigid cold temps are beginning to get REALLY OLD!….AND really COLD! 🙂

    • This has been a really cold winter. It makes me wish I’d planted tulips – they need the cold that we don’t normally get here in Georgia!

  3. It looks so lovely to have tea on your window seat, Kathy. Your china plate pattern is so pretty and the cookies look delicious. I hope your stormy weather isn’t too bad. We’ve had a terrible winter here in eastern (well, all of) Canada this year. Be safe during the storm. Pamela

  4. This looks so beautiful…and the way you wrote your post it sounds so Romantic….I love how you made your cookies…they look so Yummy!

    Enjoy your beautiful evening…stay warm, stay safe

    Linda K, Railroad

  5. Love the setting, especially the crocheted pillow.

  6. Kathy, I have a teapot just like yours. Lovely setting and the book sounds like one I would enjoy reading. I love a good love story. Thank you for sharing and joining me for Tea Time. Let me know if that snowman gets built.


  7. Christina Zima says:

    Everything looks so pretty and the cookies look YUMMY! We are in Central GA too ……..but I’m originally from FL. Even though my hubby grew up in Boston, we are not fans of real cold temps! LOL I think everyone is ready for Spring 🙂

    • I am too – in Central Georgia our spring can start in February – so cool to know you’re nearby – I’m in Sparta, what city are you in?

  8. I just had to comment on your looking forward to snow and living in Ohio. I am living in Ohio and we have had about 15″ in the last week or so. But that is not the whole story. At the moment, it is -11 degrees with a high of 0 expected today. Schools are closed and will probably be again tomorrow. It has been an old fashioned winter that I remember as a kid many, many years ago. Love your website and enjoy reading it.

    • Thanks, Judy! We lived in Columbus – I thought Ohio was a terrific place to raise children – lots of parks, museums and such. I remember going to the grocery store after a blizzard with the snow piled high. Stay safe and warm!

  9. What a sweet post! Love your setting, looks like a perfect place to wait for it to snow! Oh, I loved the movie Frozen!, everything about it was delightful!
    Happy I found your blog!

  10. Oh, this made me so in the mood for apple pie and white tea.

  11. I am waiting too : ) We are under the same warning here in NC. It is unusual for us to get snow. So I love it too. It can be so beautiful when you don’t have it for months at a time.
    Your tea time setting is lovely! The softness, and the flowering bulb…all tells a story of peace and serenity.

    • Thanks so much, Terri – I hope we get enough so that it’s pretty enough for pictures and – time off from work 😉

  12. You’ve chosen a delightful area by the window for your winter white tea Kathy. As for the snow, be careful what you wish for!

  13. Lovely spot for tea. I love using white at this time of the year as well.

  14. I hope that you get your snow but not ice. Just nice powdery snow..pretty but not too hard to shovel 🙂 I have plenty of snow here and it is bitter cold today / the Farmer’s Almanac was certainly correct when it predicted a hard winter! 🙂

  15. A lovely & calm respite before the storm, my favorite way to enjoy a storm , indoors with cozy surroundings, sipping tea or coffee. Just lovely !

  16. Kathy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    A beautiful post!!

    We are having snow here in Pa. today 2-4 inches with 3-6 inches predicted for Wed. and possibly more next Monday!! No signs of Spring here for quite some time, I think..


  17. I love that you are awaiting the snow! Now that they closed my children’s schools and I don’t have to go anywhere – bring it on. If only I could find someone to shovel….

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

  18. I hope you stayed warm and cozy during your snow storm. That book looks really interesting and your cookies look so good. My grandmother always told me that Stonewall Jackson was her mother or grandmother’s Sunday school teacher. I wish I’d listened closer to her stories.


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