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Home and Garden Thursday

Hello all…isn’t it wonderful that we’re on the threshold of spring – that we can see an end to this long, hard winter. Many are still facing days of extreme cold and snow – just remember – this too shall pass. I’ve had the privilege to live in the southwest – in the midwest and now in the south, so, I’ve experienced the differences. What I loved about living in the north was that you experienced ‘real’ seasons. Winter, albeit harsh, is important and good for the garden. Without winter, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow bulbs such as tulips, or flowering shrubs like Lilac. Oh, Lilacs…incomparable! Down here in the south, tulips are mostly considered annuals and we dream of a variety of Lilac that could survive a shorter winter…the changes of seasons and of life – no matter where we are – we all experience them. Not only was I able to do a few creative things – but I was able to help my Father-in-Law with a calf that was having difficulty after her birth. We took her in – yes I took her into my living room (in a pen) to keep her warm and to feed her. At this moment I’m quite melancholy –  there’s something not right with her we can’t see – despite all our best efforts she just wasn’t thriving. Dearest shared with me a song, ‘Blessings’. Life is full of the beautiful, but also the unexplainable – this encouraged me, because I had the privilege to spend some time with this beautiful creature – no matter how short. Blessings do come through sunshine and through tears. Life is not one straight even road  – it’s full of ups and downs and turns. That’s why, to me, my faith keeps me taking one step after another, knowing that in the end – all things do work together for the good.


It has been such a blessing to share through blogging – I am so very thankful for this outlet. Here are the things I shared with you since my last party:

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE daffodil bouquet center mercury glass bird nest and birdhouseThe first color of spring in our corner of the world is yellow – in the daffodils and in the forsythia. As I was beginning my spring cleaning, making everything fresh in my home – I changed over the stair landing decor – with these marvelous spring blessings. I am also thrilled to be one of over 30 Bloggers co-hosting The Scoop Mega Spring LINKY party. Pop on over there -share here and share there!

steeped in evil collageI’ve always loved a good mystery – I read all of Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew books when I was a young teen. Now, I love to read Laura Child’s Tea Shop Mysteries – I was able to review the newly released, ‘Steeped in Evil’. Not only that, but I was also able to interview Laura Childs – fascinating responses – and to host a Giveaway of this book – I do so hope you enter!

A DELIGHTSOME LIFE Great Grandpa Chair ransack materialI love having chairs and ephemera that belonged to family members. I shared with you how I made a few changes to one of Great Grandpa’s Chairs.

Here are the Top  Viewed Posts from last week’s party:

Top Viewed Home Decor Post

cindy's front porchCindy at Glass Slipper Restoration showed us her beautiful front porch – and the steps she and her husband took to restore it to it’s new beauty – just love porches!

Top Viewed Gardening Post

dianeDiane at Adirondack Girl @ Heart shared a beautiful post on ‘Thinking of Spring’ in the garden and gorgeous garden statues – I can’t have enough of these! 

Top Viewed Thrifting Post

blue willow houseSharon at The Blue Willow House shared how she renovated this lovely basket she found at the Thrift Store – don’t you love collecting baskets!

Top Viewed Collecting Post

tazas & cuentosSilvina at Tazas & Cuentos (Cups and Stories) shared a marvelous post on collections….beautifully written.

Top Viewed Crafting Post

felt succulentsBonnie The Pin Junkie shared this sweet craft – making succulents from felt – so charming!

Top Viewed Cooking Post

Irish Soda BreadKatie at Katie’s Farm shared her wonderful recipe and the fascinating history of Irish Soda Bread!

Top Viewed And More Post

hyacinthSarah at Hyacinth for the Soul shared these wonderful floral photos – recreated through that marvelous new App – Waterlogue…someday, I’ll get to try this!

I am so honored by all who visit and who join in at Home and Garden Thursday – many of you share week after week and visit beautifully. Some are new, I hope you’ve had opportunity to welcome them. You all make Home and Garden Thursday a complete delight.

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  1. Thank you for hosting Kathy! Lovely features!!

  2. Wow, Kathy, how very sweet and thoughtful of you to take such loving care of this little calf! Yes, you are right; life is full of ups and downs and we all have our share. My faith is foremost to me, too, and through prayer and positive thinking we can accomplish many things. Thanks for hosting and for featuring such lovely posts!


  3. So adorable, and so very sad! Thank you for hosting Kathy…

  4. Kathy,
    thanks so much for the party and for your visits!!


  5. I hope that she’ll be ok / I just linked up a post sort of just for you and I hope you get a little laugh at the end 🙂

  6. Thanks very much for including my felt succulents in your beautiful features! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  7. Oh Kathy…I hope your little calf will be ok…hugs, Penny

  8. Oh my Kathy, I hope your calf gets better soon! Thank you for having this lovely party up for us. I love the features this week.

  9. Thank you so much for featuring my post this week on Irish Soda Bread! I’ve been enjoying browsing all of the great links. Have been thinking about your calf and hope he is OK, he must certainly feel safe and loved in your home despite being ill.

    • Thank you, Katie. We’ve done the best we can and have turned the calf over to it’s Mama. I wasn’t able to check on it, but my Father-in-Law reported to Dearest that she was still hanging in there. They’re new hobby farmers and all of this is new. My Dad had a farm for a while, so I’m digging deep in my memory of what I remember him doing. I truly hope she does make it, I think that’s why we named her Hope.

  10. I have lots of flower pictures thanks to living near a wonderful public garden. I should try the watercolor app on one of my pictures.

    Have a fantastic week! We’re expecting warmer temperatures in the Philly area this weekend. I’m so looking forward to spring.

  11. Kathy, what a lovely post on life and seasons… thank you for reminding us that there are blessings in every turn of life. Thank you for hosting.. Cathy

  12. Love the variety in your features, Kathy! Thanks for hosting!

  13. Thank you very much for featuring my collecting post today, Kathy!
    How sweet of you taking care of the calf, I hope everything is ok now. BTW, I have learned what the word “calf ” means through your post. I not only enjoy your blog but also learn a lot.

  14. Thanks so much for the feature, Kathy! Your party is wonderful–it brings me lots of response. Thank you! Diana

  15. Thank you for hosting a fun party! I am off to check out some links!

  16. Kathy, thank you for the feature. I much appreciate it and this delightful party each week.

  17. Great features, Kathy! Thanks for hosting! Happy Day to You! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  18. Taking that calf into your home is something that I would have done! I hope she will be OK. Thank you for hosting and your features are always lovely.


  19. I’m sorry to read about the calf. I know how sad it must be because if you spend so much time together, you obviously grew attached to her. I hope you’ll find comfort in knowing that you helped her.

  20. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Thanks so much for hosting, Kathy!
    Have a great week.,

  21. WOW! There are some amazing features here today, Kathy! I am off to visit a couple of the blogs that I don’t know. LOVE that “watercolor”..and so many more things- xo Diana

  22. Thank you for hosting, Kathy!

  23. Hi Kathy, I have nothing to share at the party this week but wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this post about your great-grandfather’s chairs. So special to have cherished pieces from our family’s past in our home. You’re very lucky to have these!

  24. beautiful and sweet little calf. Hope she is okay. thank you for hosting Kathy.

  25. Hi Kathy,
    Love all the great inspiration!
    Thank you for hosting. Have a great weekend!

  26. What a beautiful post! I’m so glad I stopped by. The calf is adorable. I do hope he pulls through.

    The other day on the Christian radio station, I heard a song that went something like this, “What if God’s blessings come through sorrow, what if His blessings come through rain.” I don’t remember the exact words, but I do know that I was halted in my tracks and brought to tears by the words. Could be the same song you are talking about.

    I am a Florida gal now living in the northwest. I don’t really enjoy winter, and I struggle with its length every year. I suppose if it lasted 2 months, I could get through it. But it seems to last 5 or 6 months. Right about now, I am so ready for warmth and sunshine, and for the opportunity to get out and go for a walk.

    Have a lovely day,

    • That’s the song my husband shared with me. I’m ready for the warm weather and to spend time outdoors too, Patti. These past few days have proven winter’s grip has not let go. I think the weekend should be better. I hope you have a wonderful day too,

  27. Oh that little calf is so precious- how wonderful of you to take her into your home


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