Dining Room Changes

Ten years ago, our home was a complete blank slate.


Everything that could be painted white, was painted white – walls, trim, lighting, shelves, fireplace – everything. One of the first things I knew, I wanted a red dining room. I selected several shades of red until I settled on the color I liked best, Southern Beauty Red (Lowes). I have a notebook where I kept my notes and color chips – from way back when, long before blogging! It’s quite handy! 

Plan Your Work…Work Your Plan

dining room plans collage

Today, I’m working on the beginnings of a few dining room changes – big changes – some that may take some time! When I redecorated our kitchen – into a French Farmhouse style, making my plan, laying it out in a post helped quite a lot! 

Dream a little dream with me


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

As I was making plans, I had to ‘envision my goals’. I would stare at the room and then look at inspirations in decor books. One book that helped me solidify a decision was ‘Charles Faudree Home’. I had been trying very hard to work in Red Toile curtains into my plan. One of the problems was the garage sale finds – pre-made curtains were too short for the windowseat, where I once had the golden French bee and wreath curtains. So, as I was reading through this book, I noted how that the curtains blended well with the decor – I loved the singular, perception of unity. So, since I am definitely going to paint the room blue, the curtains, now in my mind, needed to compliment more not contrast this color choice. It was a wonderful, aha moment – a breakthrough now able to envision the room come together.

Another Aha moment

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-DINING-ROOM-TRANSFORMATION-CHEST-LAMPI was looking through Anne Sloan’s ‘Creating The French Look’ and found an inspiration for the change I want to make to the chest in the photo above! LOVED the patina. Actually, I’m nearly done – I’ll share more soon – just had to get my ducks in a row – you know lay out the plan! There’s going to be an interesting story connected with this chest’s transformation too! 

Painting Fabric

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-CHINA-CABINET-BUFFET-VIGNETTEIs the new coolest thing next to sliced breadthat I just tried! I painted the lampshades to the two buffet lamps and the one on the chest – to compliment the new colors to be. What a game changer! I don’t have to find fabric – or new shades now! LOVE painting fabric! I’ll share more on that one soon too! Yep, those are the two first projects in a long line of projects to come!

French Chateau Style

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-BREAD-DOUGH-BOWLPart of the fabulous inspiration in the Anne Sloan book is how she gives example to the different French styles she shares – and what elements to include in those styles. I liked the ‘Chateau’ style for the dining room for the elements it includes: classic, sumptuous dining table, crisp white linens, sparkle in goblets, silverware and chandelier. One of the key things Anne shared was keeping the colors to a minimum. This coincided with my observations from the Charles Faudree book. A happy confirmation for my now developing vision.

Some Elements may take Time

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-DINING-ROOMFinding the right pieces of furniture make take a while. I want a table that can sit at least 10 people. Our family is growing and we always are so close together when we have big gatherings with this table. Even when the leaf is let out. I’ve already told my youngest daughter she could ‘inherit’ the dining table, china cabinet and buffet. I’m hoping not only to find a larger table, but also a larger china cabinet, both at thrifty prices – therefore the search may or may not take some time. I can be patient! – I hope!

The Plan:

  • Paint the walls, trim and ceiling
  • paint the chest
  • paint the lampshades
  • paint chairs
  • paint artwork – if I can’t find one that will ‘fit’
  • sew new curtains/shades for windowseat and curtains for French doors
  • sew new cushion cover for windowseat
  • sew pillow covers
  • reupholster chairs
  • new area rug – more neutral
  • decorate the walls with white ironstone and or blue and white dishes
  • new chandelier or modify current one with new prisms – more sparkle!
  • collect dishware, glassware, and vases to compliment French Chateau style
  • Celebrate when done!


A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-DINING-ROOM-CHANGES-SIMPLE-TABLETOP-DECORThe decor is simple, the wall decor has been taken down, the tabletop vignettes are minimal. Once the painting begins, I’ll have to clear everything away. Until then, I’m going to check off the list the other tasks…and then bring all the elements back together. Then, there’s the Living Room…still in the dream stage there!

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  1. I’m going to enjoy seeing your progress! I was not gifted with “vision” to see how a room can look with various changes so I’ve relied on the help of my mother and sister. I’d love to do some changes here but will wait for their advice!

    • Well, hello there! I do a lot of looking until I ‘see’ what I hope to accomplish. It’s wonderful to be able work with your mother and sister! Extra eyes and imaginations can be quite wonderful! I hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Kathy, I love your mind set – it’s fun to see how people actually plan well……………I am a “jump in a just do it” kind of gal so it is awesome to see how you are doing this step by step.

    I envision your changes to be spectacular and know the outcome will please you much. Yay. Hugs.

    • Oh, I can be that girl too – my family is kind of used to me ‘switching things up’! They’ve come to accept my condition 😉 Thanks Michele!

  3. Dear Kathy,
    oh, I love these marvelous red colours! What a beautiful room, full of warmth and stylish harmony!
    And perfect for dinings, because red colours stimulate the appetite!
    Sunny greetings,

  4. Hi Kathy–your teasers are killing me! I want to hear about painting the lampshades, especially. You have such great ideas for the next incarnation of this room. Can’t wait to see it all come together. You’re such a great decorator 🙂 Love your look.

    • Diana I had to laugh! I don’t mean to tease:D ! But, I do work well-better with a plan! I’ve posted the first task I’ve completed – the chest.

      Happy Day!

  5. Sounds like a plan! What fabulous ideas, Kathy. Your beautiful master bedroom makeover and your adorable kitchen redo are some of my favourite places for inspiration! Can’t wait!



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