Celebrating the Alternative Uses for Ball Jars

And a Giveaway!

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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I love vintage things, cottage things, anything that makes your home wonderful and comforting. Jarden Home Brands has sponsored this review and giveaway.

Ball Jars

special edition Ball Jar A Delightsome Life copy

I have loved vintage Ball®jars and have collected them for years – especially those that have blue, green, purple or even amber color. Ball  jars have been a part of many family’s homes for years. 

100 Years of the Ball Brother’s “Perfection Jar”

Ball Jar label A Delightsome Life copy

Jarden Home Brands, makers of the Ball Jars have produced these lovely green jars to commemorate this anniversary in both pint and quart size! Can you imagine the very many uses beyond canning for these jars! Decorating, organizing, storing, flower vases, lights….the ideas can go on and on!

As Flower Vase

Ball Jar Flower Arrangement A Delightsome Life copy

In Decor

Ball Jar with Autumn Decor A Delightsome Life copy

For Household Organization

Ball Jar bathroom organizing A Delightsome Life copy

An Amazing Offer

Mason jar infuser A Delightsome Life copy

I have been given the opportunity to review both the pint and quart sized jars, the 16-oz drinking mugs, Mason jar infuser, as well as the sip and straw lids! How cool is that! 

What You Can Win!

Mason Jar Infuser

wide mouth lid with spout A Delightsome Life copy

4-Pack Drinking Mugs – Sip and Straw Lids

Ball Jars with handles and straw lid A Delightsome Life copy

 Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars

special edition Ball Jar A Delightsome Life copy

in pint and quart sizes



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  1. I was trying to enter the ball jar giveaway. It went right to Instagram which I do not have or want. All of the giveaways have a menu with items like; to follow on Facebook, tweet about, share with a friend, ect. This one has just Instagram is that correct? I’ve never encountered this before and that is why I’m asking. When you try to go to a pull down menu it logs you out. What’s the deal with this? I don’t understand. I thought it had to be open to all to be on Pinterest? The more activities you did the more entries you got up to 7 according to yours. So why is this happening where it won’t let you participate without Instagram? Awaiting your response.

    • Hello, I checked on it and rearranged the type of entries – the first now should be to leave a comment then Pinterest etc… there are a total of 9 opportunities

  2. I love using these jars!

  3. Bonjour chère Kathy,

    Je suis certaine que chacune d’entre nous serait heureuse de remporter un joli pot !… merci pour l’ensemble de vos très jolies photos qui les mettent en valeur.

    Gros bisous ✿❀✿

  4. I love them with flowers inside. But a collection of them on a shelf always makes a statement.

  5. I love canning jars!! They have so many wonderful uses and are so beautiful! I’m loving the colored ones. Besides the uses you’ve posted, I love using the wide mouth jars for leftovers in the refrig. I can easily see what is in them, they don’t take up as much room as shorter containers and they wash up so wonderfully (I sometimes have trouble getting plastics to feel clean.) Another great use for canning jars is seasonal candles. I put some type of seasonal candy or other item in the jar (jelly beans for Easter, candy corn for fall, conversation hearts for valentines, etc.) and then add a small clear glass votive holder that fits perfectly in the top (I get these at big craft stores like Hobby Lobby.) Then add a ribbon and a colorful votive candle and it is done! So easy yet so festive. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. I love Ball jars, and these green ones are really neat. I use Ball jars for flower arrangements, in my craft room to hold odds and ends. The vintage ones are really fun just to display in groupings. Thanks for the giveaway, Kathy, I’d love to win these! ~ Nancy

  7. I collect canning jars, and especially love the light blue Crown jars. I have many different size jars, and lids, but never have found any green ones. I keep shells, and shell buttons in my Ball jars on my window sills.
    What an awesome give away, Kathy!

  8. What a cool giveaway! I have been dying to get my hands on some of these green jars! Also – that diffuser looks pretty cool!


  9. I pinned the one with the candle, pumpkin and flowers. I wish I could enter, but I don’t do instagram at all.
    🙁 Oh well.

    Blessings to you!

  10. The jars are lovely, and you have displayed them to their fullest advantage here. I had no idea there was such a thing as an infuser, so I am very happy to know about that. The green color is just perfect for my home. Thanks for the lovely post, and creative ideas.

  11. Kate Newton says:

    I love to use Ball jars for my coffee in the morning. It looks so pretty and it is functional. Thanks for the opportunity to win these! I’m so excited!

  12. Yay! I can’t believe I won!!! I’m so excited to get these—can’t wait to add them to my fall decor! Thanks for the giveaway!