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March Spring Flowers Collage

The Garden in March Spring is on a roll here! We've had several beautifully warm days where we could spend time outdoors. I have been laying mulch out, cleaning and removing dead or damaged branches. It's wonderful to see the garden come back As the first daffodils begin to fade, the Iris are beginning to bloom. Like the Daffodils, these white … [Read More...]

A Spring Lunch


Pink Cakes are for Daughters Last week I made a cake just for Dearest. This weekend, I made a cake welcoming our daughter back from her trip to Mexico. In her honor I made it pink. She loved it! It is a pink pound cake with a simple pink lemonade icing. The day today was perfect for Lunch outdoors. The temperatures are mild enough, … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Welcome to Return to Loveliness Counting days. Last week our youngest daughter was away on a Mission trip to Mexico to build a home for a family. All the while she was gone, we prayed for her and the team's safety, for their trip there and back. All went well until the return trip. They had a flat; the trip took some time longer; the drivers … [Read More...]

Blue vases, Forsythia and Lemons


I had a wonderful full day shopping last week. Living in the country, and with my schedule - I combine errands because most things are at least 30 minutes away. This is both good and bad. This is one part of country living that I like. The slower pace, the quiet - save for the chorus of birds every day. As well as making shopping day an … [Read More...]

Jubilant Green


Spring Porch Decor I should be painting the door and the awning. But I was so delighted in the bright green burlap ribbon and the 'Jubilant Green' acryllic paint I used to paint the letter "R"; I had to take a quick break from cleaning and gardening. Spring's fresh green is reflected in the beautiful Viburnum. I just adore these flowers … [Read More...]

Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron Winner!

hamilton beach winner

I am so delighted to share that Diana Petrillo of Adirondack Girl at Heart is the winner of the Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron! Congratulations, Diane - thank you all who entered! … [Read More...]

Redbuds – A Spring Vignette


The Icy Wintry Weather has caused a lot of garden clean up. During the weekend, my neighbors gave Dearest a few branches from a broken Redbud tree - they thought I might like them. They were so right!  Redbuds are actually dark pink when unopened and become lighter when they open. The diminutive flower buds run along the stem in … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday

Welcome to Home and Garden Thursday Oh, so excited…no matter how many more days of wintry weather we have - it is inevitable - spring is coming! Today it's chilly, but the days to come will continue to warm. I just hope that we stay warm for a while before we get hot! So many things shared with you last week! Here's what I shared with you since … [Read More...]

Potted Faux Hydrangea


I missed out on a deal on Potted Faux Hydrangeas - really loved the look! Most of the time, when I see something I first think, can I make this…. So I thought I'd dream up a knock-off Potted Faux Hydrangea. I had two glazed cup shaped vases - the perfect shape. I wanted an aged plaster look for the pot. The first thing I did was to … [Read More...]

Cookies are For Babies


Cake for Dearest This weekend Dearest and I are on our own…sigh, I know we've had an unofficial empty nest throughout the week. But, usually for the weekends our youngest daughter would come home adding her special spark of life to our weekend activities.  I just love it when she plays the piano. It fills the house with her … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness


Welcome to Return to Loveliness In just a few short days, on our calendars, it will officially be spring! Winter, however, is giving it all its got making these past few months distinctive memories! I see all of the snow everywhere - the named winter storms - now on The Weather Channel - I believe we're on W- Wiley. Looking at their list - … [Read More...]

Spring Mantel


I've been putting off this decor task. I really do love the look to the winter mantel. I made this Monogram wreath and placed these items to compliment it's coloring. I really didn't want to change it just yet... My solution is to add just a few things here  from the winter mantel- change a few things there to keep the over-all look … [Read More...]

Irish Country Cooking

Irish Country Cooking Cookbook Irish Stew A Delightsome LIfe

Irish Stew My Dad instilled in me and in my siblings a deep love for our Irish heritage. The man, with his deeply dimpled grin would share with us all the things he loved about being an Irishman. He had a wicked sense of humor, a wonderful singing voice, he would dance a jig and he loved to cook. My Dad explored his love of cooking late in … [Read More...]

Canon Or Nikon Digital Camera Bundle Giveaway


I have LOVED my Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It has been so much more fun taking photos! So, given the opportunity to join a fantastic group of Bloggers to offer an amazing giveaway - FOR YOU - my readers - I had to jump on it! Using a DSLR has transformed my blogging experience! I would LOVE for one of you to have this experience as well! There are many, … [Read More...]

Bunny Tablescape


Spring is oh so close! When you come into our home, you generally come through the dining room. The first thing you see is our dining table. I decided to bring some spring inspiration to the tablescape. I began by choosing this bright yellow tablecloth - to compliment the forsythia and daffodil blooms gracing my garden and arrangements … [Read More...]