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Home and Garden Thursday


Welcome  to Home and Garden Thursday   Here's what I shared with you since our last party:  I've been teaching myself and sharing with you the basic principles of creating a vignette...this time I share with you my opinion on when you can break or even bend the rules. I shared with you my thoughts on what I enjoy about … [Read More...]

Garden Downsizing


July Garden Journal A couple weeks back an idea began to formulate in my mind - after I'd spent the whole day weeding and deadheading. I need to downsize. This will be our home - for a very long time - I need to prepare this garden for the future years and what works best for our family. As well as my schedule! It was a diffidcult … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Louis Ritman Tea in the Garden

Welcome to A Return to Loveliness I started on Facebook and created a Pinterest board for A Return to Loveliness…I hope this will be very good for you!  I am having a beautiful, joyful start to the week - I have set myself up with a lot of projects and planning! I hope to get these things done before going to The … [Read More...]

Beautiful Morning


I love the sounds of the morning. The sounds of the water heating for coffee, Dearest's footfalls upstairs as he prepares for work, the birds singing, and even the silence. Each morning is such a gift - the familiar things and the surprises.  A Cause to Sing This is my big project this week! I'm transforming the dining room. I shared a … [Read More...]

Vignettes When to Break the Rules


Or Just Bend Them Decorating is and should be fun! Creating vignettes on your tabletops, ottomans, sideboards and even piano tops can be like a game when you learn and attempt to apply established rules and even 'The Golden Ratio'. So, in creating vignettes, when to break the rules depends upon you. 'Let's not break the rules, lets just … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday


Welcome  to Home and Garden Thursday If you live in the south you're familiar with the three H's - hazy, hot and humid. More time spent in the garden - I'm doing a better job of staying in one spot and getting the job done - otherwise I could be like a butterfly flitting from one thing to another, distracted and not able to see progress! … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Louis Ritman Tea in the Garden

Welcome to A Return to Loveliness Summer is here, July is one week away and it's hot here in Georgia! Dearest and I spent  the first few days working in the garden. I've had to do some serious pruning - some of the plants are showing heat stress and others damage from the ice storm last winter. Dearest watched me prune my dear La Marne - … [Read More...]

Necessary Pruning


Life Lessons in the Garden   Dearest and I worked in our garden the first official day of summer. The garden can be such a source for learning. I can so well envision what God is teaching me there.  The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; Song … [Read More...]

Building A Vignette


Dining Room Summer Tabletop Vignette The girls and I spent a wonderful day this week shopping. I found this amazing lamp at Goodwill. I knew it had a home in my dining room and would be create a good learning lesson for me in my endeavors to understand vignettes better. So this will be a step by step post on building a vignette, namely a tabletop … [Read More...]

Creating a Vignette for Summer


I have been changing over the decor in our home for summer. In doing so, I pondered - what are the elements in creating a vignette? We create vignettes whether we realize it or not. So, I decided to research this to find the common key steps recommended. I've created two versions of this vignette - with the elements below in mind. Which is do … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday


Welcome  to Home and Garden Thursday Hello and Welcome! We're in the midst of summer in the south - today is supposed to be the hottest for us so far! I hope you all are having a wonderful day and finding joy! I shared a lot. I was a bit distracted these past couple weeks and shared why, plans for a whole room makeover and the first … [Read More...]

The Story of Camille – The Little Blue Chest-Creating Patina with Paint


I was looking through Anne Sloan's book, 'Creating the French Look' for inspiration - and I found it! I have a little chest in our dining room that will stay and I wanted to transform it - giving it 'patina'. I knew this was the look I wanted to create for my little chest - but how to create the layers of color - of history by creating patina … [Read More...]

Dining Room Changes


Ten years ago, our home was a complete blank slate. Everything that could be painted white, was painted white - walls, trim, lighting, shelves, fireplace - everything. One of the first things I knew, I wanted a red dining room. I selected several shades of red until I settled on the color I liked best, Southern Beauty Red (Lowes). I have … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Louis Ritman Tea in the Garden

Welcome to A Return to Loveliness Hello! I am so sorry to be running behind with publishing A Return to Loveliness this week. If you've had a moment to read my post reflecting on Time you'll understand somewhat. I have been a little distracted, had a little fall this morning and have made a determination for what I'll be doing the … [Read More...]

Awareness of Time


This is going to be a very personal post. I'm not sure exactly when my thought life began to take on this extra note, but at some point I have become more and more aware of time. Time in the sense that each day truly needs to make a difference in some way in my or in someone's life.  I've been thinking more about how I govern … [Read More...]