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Curtains, Cushions and Pillows


For the Windowseat and the French doors I have been staring at my newly painted dining room. Sitting on the couch in the living room looking toward the dining room - I'm amazed at the difference this beautiful blue color has created. Like bringing a picture into focus, the changes that I've been planning and envisioning for the dining room are … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday


Welcome  to Home and Garden Thursday Summer is really flying by! I hear that some school districts will be going back to school mid August. When did the schedule change - summers used to be - June-July-August? Unless you were in a year-round school schedule. I had so much fun at Haven - still trying to catch up on things and to visit … [Read More...]

20 Breathtaking Roses {Curated Board for Hometalk}


20 Breathtaking Roses for Your Garden! My Dear Ones, you know how much I just love roses! It was the La Marne Rose by the front porch of our house that drew my attention when we first looked at our home. So, I was extremely delighted when I was contacted to curate for you a board on roses at Hometalk. I found 20 breathtaking roses for … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Louis Ritman Tea in the Garden

Welcome to A Return to Loveliness  Summer is passing by so fast! I know school break will soon be over and many are enjoying wonderful vacations! I'm still working on my dining room - getting projects done one by one. I've shared recently in 'New Life' what mainly is going on in my life - looking toward all the blessings God has in store … [Read More...]

New Life


She's Coming Back Several weeks back, I noticed my beloved La Marne rose, the one that touched my heart when we were looking at this house some eleven plus years back, had some damage from the winter's harsh ice storms. You could tell she was an old rose by the size of her trunks and she reached over seven feet tall. I have not done much to … [Read More...]

Haven Conference Recap


Finding Value I am constantly amazed at the world of blogging! I remember when I first began to read blogs - these talented DIY ladies, cooks, gardeners just intrigued and inspired me. Boy, I thought to myself, I'd love to be like one of them. Then one day I decided to create my own blog. Who would be interested in a woman living in a small … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday


Welcome  to Home and Garden Thursday   Here's what I shared with you since our last party: I finally did it! I painted the fabric on a salvaged chair  - I share my experience - you should see the before!  I love being able to offer my readers fantastic giveaways - I've joined with some fantastic bloggers to offer you a … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Louis Ritman Tea in the Garden

Welcome to A Return to Loveliness  Hello Ladies! I had such a fantastic time at the Haven Conference last week! I am so very delighted that I went! The best part was meeting several wonderful bloggers! The sessions were very informative and being able to connect with several vendors was an added bonus! If you've ever wondered or … [Read More...]

I Know You


  In my room I brought a bit of home with me - an electronic photo frame, teacup - with tea and flowers.I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Haven last week. It was such a delight! One of the greatest parts of the event was meeting several Bloggers. Some of the most thrilling  moments included the words.... I Know You! Let me tell you, … [Read More...]

Sizzlin’ Summer $800 Cash Giveaway!

Summer is in full swing and I've joined in with several awesome Bloggers to offer an awesome giveaway  you can win $800 in the Sizzlin' Summer Cash Giveaway! This giveaway is blog/business sponsored and would not be possible without the following: Ella & Annie Magazine, Catch My Party, A Delightsome Life, Freebie Finding Mom, … [Read More...]

Painting Fabric on Salvaged Chair


My 10 Dollar Salvation Army Chair I have seen several Bloggers demonstrating how we can paint fabric. It is so new to me, like when I first heard of chalk paint. Having tried chalk paint and absolutely loving it, I thought this would be fun to try. I had my opportunity presented to me when I passed a nearby Salvation Army. I decided to give … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday


Welcome  to Home and Garden Thursday  This is turning out to be quite a busy summer! I'm so glad to have the walls in our dining room painted - check that off the onto the next projects to complete the dining room renovation. I'm excited to be going to the Haven Conference at the end of this week - I'm so excited ...will … [Read More...]

National Ice Cream Month

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Giveaway1

Celebrate with Nielsen-Massey Vanilla I am joining Nielsen-Massey Vannilla co. in celebrating National Ice Cream Month and Day on July 20. Cool Off on Warm Summer Days Who doesn't like ice cream? What about homemade ice cream! Nielsen-Massey Vanilla is well known and adds just the perfect vanila flavoring to most everything - especially … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Louis Ritman Tea in the Garden

Welcome to A Return to Loveliness   I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day holiday weekend! We did! It was wonderful having all of our children over, their friends and enjoying the all of the wonderful laughter. I have been working hard to finish painting the dining room, preparing to go to Haven and generally taking care of dailies … [Read More...]

Come and Rest


Do you ever start your week tired? There are so many things that can weigh us down, make us weary. Schedules and activities, interruptions, deadlines, discord, disappointment. Sometimes we just feel tired from the dailies of life. That's where I am this morning So, where do you turn when you're tired and perhaps easily discouraged by all … [Read More...]