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Home and Garden Thursday

Welcome to Home and Garden Thursday Hello all! I hope you're having a marvelous day - can you believe it! The cold weather just won't let go! It's so chilly today in our old house - fortunately, not too cold to damage the beautiful flowers and plants outdoors! I am so excited to see all of the amazing, inspiring posts - you are such a … [Read More...]

Whimsical Woodland Tablescape


I adore all things Beatrix Potter I love her simple stories, her beautiful illustrations and the story of her life. This sweet mossy bunny became the first inspiration for this tablescape. Then as I was doing some sewing, I came across some fabric depicting Beatrix Potter characters. I was smitten. So I decided to make Beatrix … [Read More...]


  “Sitting in your garden is a feat to be worked at with unflagging determination and single-mindedness – for what gardener worth his salt sits down.  I am deeply committed to sitting in the garden.”  -  Mirabel Osler I love providing places to sit in the garden. I was quite delighted when I saw this Bistro set at IKEA … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Welcome to Return to Loveliness As I look out the window and have observed travelling down the road - this is the time of the greening of the world. There are fresh new leaves on once bare branches - I love the varying shades of green. I walk through my garden observing the buds on several plants - anticipating the flush of color that will … [Read More...]

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Giveaway


I am so excited to be joining several Bloggers in sponsoring this amazing giveaway! I have been a longtime fan of Mac laptops. I first started many, many years ago with an IBook. This lasted me through several years and through the beginning of this blog. When the time came to replace my IBook, I knew I'd keep with the Apple products - I … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday

Welcome to Home and Garden Thursday What a glorious week! Dearest and I took a very quick vacation - it was so much fun getting away for even just a day! I had so much fun shopping at IKEA - I'll share with you very soon just what I found! The amazing skyline view from our hotel room.  I spent a happy few hours shopping … [Read More...]

A Delightsome Life Flea Market

flea market blog hop copy1

Joining in at the...  I am thrilled to be joining in this week with quite a number of awesome Bloggers in my first online-Flea Market or as the French say, 'Brocante'. Beautiful word! We are offering items from our homes, some that we've made - things that we love, may have been loved and hope to find a home - maybe you - to love … [Read More...]

Flea Market Blog Hop

flea market blog hop copy1

Happening This week!   Tuesday, April 8th Rain on a Tin Roof So Much Better With Age Turquoise Home Southern State of Mind   Wednesday April 9th Just Us Four Not Just Paper and Paint Denise Designed  Everyday Home Baby Cachet A Delightsome Life Here are some of the things you'll find at my Flea Market sale … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Welcome to Return to Loveliness I'm on vacation! Well, a wee one with Dearest! It took me a while to get on the Internet! I appreciate you all joining in - have fun - I look forward to seeing what you have to share! Dearest and I awake before the dawning of the sun. I hear the birds sing as if calling for the light to break, because when the … [Read More...]

Pretty Pillows


I just love pillows in decorating. Pillows add such beautiful interest to your decor - not to mention the comfort they add. Layering pillows. Earlier this year, I happened upon a fantastic sale on Euro pillows - 60% off! I initially thought they'd be great for the couch - but then decided to use them on our bed. Euro Pillows make a … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday

Welcome to Home and Garden Thursday Yah! It's April! Wow! It's April! It seems I just packed up my Christmas decor. Here in Georgia spring is in full swing, as I was driving to the nearby town I was delighted to see the new leaves, the Redbud trees, the Dogwood trees and more. I hope the warm breezes of spring find their way to you very, very … [Read More...]

Make Decor Stand out in Bread Dough Bowl


How I did it. I just love the Bread Dough Bowl I purchased last autumn at The Country Living Fair. It's Huge I think it could be called a Bread Trough. I could bathe my Dachshund in it! It's Deep  When I decorated the Bread Dough Bowl with pumpkins in the autumn, that was easy - they were just the right size. I shopped for … [Read More...]

A Return to Loveliness

Welcome to Return to Loveliness It's the last day of March…wow. Each day seems to be passing by so quickly - spring bulbs are changing over to summer blooms. Yesterday on the way home from church Dearest noticed a rose blooming at the wall in the front. I'll be out later taking pictures…isn't it a delight to capture these moments to share. I … [Read More...]

Ringing in Spring Home Tour

ringing in spring home tour 1

  I love the theme to this Home Tour… Ringing in Spring It reminds me of bells being rung for a special event and the arrival of spring is definitely a special event. To begin my tour, I wanted to fill my Bread Dough bowl with the beautiful greens and purples that are now filling the garden.  I have wanted to make Lavender bud … [Read More...]

Home and Garden Thursday

Welcome to Home and Garden Thursday These days seem to be passing by rather quickly! I hope you all are enjoying these first days of spring! I am so glad to have my daughter back from her trip! The day after her return, my eldest daughter went on a trip of her own. Our children surely know how to keep us on our knees praying! Here's what I … [Read More...]