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200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice…

Tea with Jane Austen


I was recently reading a book entitled, ‘Tea with Jane Austen‘ on how Jane enjoyed tea throughout her day. It was Jane who made the breakfast tea for her family.

Tea with Jane Austen

One of our all time favorite stories by Jane is ‘Pride and Prejudice‘. Dearest and I watch the latest version over and over again, frequently quoting lines from the movie. There are a number of novels written over time, which can boast the status of, ‘best opening lines’. Pride and Prejudice is one of those books. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”; thus begins Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Hathaway in Becoming Jane

Jane Hathaway in Becoming Jane

On January 29, 1813 Jane wrote to her share with her that ‘her own darling child’ “Pride and Prejudice had been published.  You can see a video here sharing bits of Jane Austen’s home, her writing desk and her love of writing.

Jane Austen Writing Desk

There will apparently be a flurry of books, television shows and movies coming out related to Jane Austen and her writings

  •  Austenland, a movie based on the novel of the same name, interestingly produced by ‘Twilight’ famed author, Stephanie Meyer.
  •  Sense and Sensibility modern remake for CBS.
  • Darcy’s Town, Jennifer Love Hewitt will produce this contemporary version of Pride and Prejudice
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” an intriguing sign of the times version being a web series in which Mr. Darcy has Twitter.
  • Austenland, a movie based on the novel of the same name, in which a “lonely Jane Austen fan who falls in love at an Austen theme park,” starring Keri Russell and produced by Stephenie Meyer.
  • Based on the British Series, Lost in Austen, a movie will feature a woman of our time who magically switches place with Pride and Prejudice heroin, Elizabeth Bennet.

I have often wondered what it would be like to visit Jane and to see life in her time. I think we do romanticize different eras thinking another time to be a better time. I like where I am now, I can appreciate the loveliness of different times, the wonderful mind and heart of Jane Austen in understanding women, family relations,  love, relationship and society in her time.

Pride and Prejudice movie promotion photo

In the end, I think it enriching to read Jane Austen’s work, to feel a sense of Kindred Spirit with her and to take the best of what you embrace from her writings by making the best of the time you live in – make your own romantic ‘Austenland’ a reality.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I had forgotten about the anniversary. A favorite author, that I read & re read. Lovely post!

  2. KIndred spirits indeed. I imagine you are a Downton Abbey fan? I’m in love with this series.
    Beautiful post and thanks so much for hosting!

  3. Pride and Prej is my all time favvie fav!

    The BBC’s version movie with Colin Firth (be still my heart) as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is my absolute FAVORITE. I watch these two discs every single month. I have issues, haha.

    Thanks for the loveliness and the reminder!


  4. Jane Austen is one of my fav writers of all time, just like Margaret Mitchell and Gone with the Wind…nothing more close to my heart than the classics. I can see P & P a thousand times and I have, at least 10, lol!! Gone wt Wind about 30!!!!! Your teacups are lovely and thank you for the reminder, I guess I need to eatch one of these again!!!!! Have a nice week.

  5. Lovely post, Kathy! Thanks for sharing this good information on Jane Austen. I, too, love her books. I think my favorite screen adaptation of her books is “Sense and Sensibility,” with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslett. It’s just a beautifully done movie in every way.

    Your new blog looks great! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful day.


  6. Hello Kathy
    A lovely post and I have seen a few screen adaptations of Jane’s books. Ms Austen would likely marvel at the fact that we have blog tea parties these days. 🙂
    You’ll be happy to know I finally bought magazine storage units and have filed my Victoria magazines for easier reference.

  7. Your teacup is beautiful, Kathy, and I enjoyed reading about Jane Austen.

  8. This is one of my all time favorite posts at A Delightsome Life! Really wonderful and such a celebration!

  9. Such a lovely post. I can’t imagine the slower paced life of Jane Austen’s time. I barely have time to write a blog post let alone pen a novel.

  10. I also did a post about Jane Austen today in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice. I so enjoy all her books and this one is a favourite. Your post today is just lovely and a reminder of why I love tea and Jane Austen. :o)

  11. Hi Kathy,
    I have always fantasized about living in another era where one dressed in flowing frocks and walked about with a parasol. Those times seem so romantic and “civilized.” Yet I do enjoy the life am I living now. I agree with you, we can embrace what is lovely about those years and inject bits of loveliness into our everyday lives now. Wonderful post and thank you for stopping by for tea with me.


  12. A lovely post, Kathy! I enjoyed that movie too….Christine

  13. Kathy- Great info and another beautiful post, as always I do believe we can grab a bit of the past and incorporate it into our lives. I miss the beauty that I find in those old writings and images of life.

    Am I dreaming or does your blog have a whole new look? Is the print a whole lot smaller than it used to be? The blog looks very nice but I am having a harder time reading the print- xo Diana

  14. I dedicated my newest post to you, darlin!

    This is a great post!

    Thanks for hosting.


  15. Love Jane and all the wonderful movies made from her books! So glad I could join your return to loveliness party-yours is such a delightful party to come to!

    bee blessed

  16. Thanks so much for this lovely post. And…thank you for hosting such a wonderful, pretty party.

  17. Hi Kathy,l

    Thanks for the reminder! Love everything Jane Austen. Thanks for hosting, too! Lovely links today.


  18. I need to re-read and re-watch Pride and Prejudice asap… It must be at least a year since the last time!!!

  19. Beautiful post Kathy and thank you for hosting.

  20. I’m wondering if there is a tea lover anywhere who does not enjoy Jane Austen — I can’t imagine! There is a mystery series that I like that features Jane as an amateur sleuth. Fun! Lovely post and thank you for hosting!

  21. Kathy, I belong to a Jane Austin blog club. I should have celebrated her birthday on My post too.Your cup is exactly the same cup as Sandy’s or almost ,how gentle and soft looking it is .Perfect for this birthday celebration.May God continue to bless you.Hugs Denise

  22. Oh dear did it again messed up My website address.I’ll put the right one in this one,SORRY 🙂

  23. I will have to remind my daughter of the anniversary…she is also a huge Jane Austen fan! xo

  24. Hi Kathy,
    Beautiful post! I will have to see the movie. Thanks for hosting

  25. My goodness, Kathy, what a beautiful post. I, too LOVE Jane Austen!! And completely understand and agree with everything you wrote. Must remember to celebrate over tea, of course. Thank you for the lovely link party, sorry to say that I will not be going for a formal tea for awhile..that is “the fond farewell” that I’ve linked up with you this week. I hope you are having a great week.
    Many Blessings to you and yours,

  26. Lost you there for a while Kathy. Now I have you back. Thought I joined in A return to Loveliness last week but I guess my post did not go through. Any way, glad I have you back in focus as I love your post’s. Happy New Year to you…

  27. Such a beautiful post on Jane Austen and P&P. Loved that movie! Such a delight. Thank you for hosting!

  28. Kathy, I love Pride and Prejudice. I could watch it over and over again. Thanks so much for hosting.

  29. Hi Kathy,
    I love this stories by Jane Austen. They are perfect for your blogparty’s theme, so lovely and romantic. Thank you for this sweet post and for hosting this delightful event.
    Best greetings, Johanna


  1. […] two to share in your bedroom. We could take our time and put our favorite, romantic movie, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ on – just a few days ago we celebrated the 200th anniversary of this amazing story […]

  2. […] for two to share in your bedroom. We could take our time and put our favorite, romantic movie, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ on – just a few days ago we celebrated the 200th anniversary of this amazing story […]

  3. […] for two to share in your bedroom. We could take our time and put our favorite, romantic movie, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ on – just a few days ago we celebrated the 200th anniversary of this amazing story […]