A Return to Loveliness


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A Return to Loveliness

Oh, can this really be possible! Snow in Georgia! We’re under a weather alert for possible snow and ice in the next couple of days. An unusual pairing of cold air and gulf moisture may bring snow to the lower half of Georgia. We’re in Central Georgia so we’re on the edge of this possibility! I know many of you have seen more snow this winter than you care to, but please indulge me a moment! Because, I want to build a snowman! Have you seen the movie, Frozen? We did last weekend – both Dearest and I can’t get the songs out of our head. I mean – Olaf was just too precious! We’re just kids at heart – this girl who grew up in California and lived the majority of the remainder of her life in the South has not seen too much snow – it’s a rare treat. And I’m excited! Sigh…just have to wait and see!

Here are the Top Three Viewed Posts from last week’s party:

pennyPenny at Penny’s Vintage Home has a wonderful talent for romantic decorating. She shares her ideas for romantic decorating in this bedroom. Gorgeous!

a sweet seasonLara at A Sweet Season shared a beautiful post on Primroses. Inspired by Tasha Tudor, Lara loves to fill her home with flowers and shares how these sweet flowers can bridge these winter days indoors in anticipation of the beauty of spring to come.

deborahDeborah at The Beautiful Matters shared her gorgeous winter white tea with, love this name, stroopwafel as she views the wintry scene and birds outdoors. Love this heirloom coffee set and her grandmother’s crocheted runner!

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  1. Snow? I suppose if you one doesn’t have it, it would be a treat but I am so tired of it and looking forward to springtime. Want to trade places for the rest of the season? Being the spring and summer girl that I am, I’m not too fond of the white stuff right now. However, having said that, there is beauty to be found even in the wintertime. I love your features today; so pretty. Thank you for hosting and perhaps you will get to build that snowman.


  2. Hope you get a little snow. It is beautiful if you don’t have to drive in it! Thank you for featuring me. I am delighted!

  3. Shall I wish you snow, so you can delight yourself in making a wonderful snowman, okay, but just enough to create this freezing fella, as your fellow Georgians might not care for such a visitor!

    Thanks for hosting, Kathy and have a lovely week!


  4. It’s always such an honor to be featured here Kathy, thank you so much! I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but our 6 yr old grand daughter has…3 times! We keep her 3-4 days a week while our daughter (an RN) is transporting patients to hospitals in a helicopter. Anyway, Kyleigh sings those songs all the time and I know them by heart! Have a great week…hugs, Penny

  5. Hi Kathy, Your features are lovely and I was interested to see that you may get snow. I hope you do get some to enjoy. Truly it is a beautiful thing, (echoing Deborah here) as long as you don’t have to drive in it! Take care and have a lovely day!

  6. I always enjoy linking up with your party. It is fun to view different blogs at your party. Thanks for hosting this week!


  7. LOL – Just for you, Kathy, I’ve kept my super-size glass snowman in the thumbnail as you hope for your own snowman in your front yard this week! Yes – and this Jersey girl in zero degree weather today is moaning and groaning in my post about the cold and snow and wishing for spring. You may hove the snow, my dear! I want to feel my hands and feet again! Now – THAT would be a REAL “return to loveliness” for me! Time for tea!

  8. Kathy enjoy the white stuff! We have had our share and I am afraid we’re not done yet. It was a whopping 8 degrees this am when we went to school! Ugh!
    Thanks for hosting and do stay warm!

  9. What lovely features! Hoping you are enjoying the last of January. Thanks for hosting 🙂