Warm and Cozy Tea

As the winds are howling and temperatures are dropping

lavender chamomile tea Biltmore House cup

I am happy to be able to cozy indoors with a fragrant, lovely cup of tea. I chose my Biltmore House cup because of the vibrant spring flowers in its sides.

Victoria book lavender chamomile tea electric kettle potted bulbs

The fragrance of the Chamomile Lavender tea almost made me forget the chilly winds outside.

Biltmore House cup

I love Lavender. It has so very many uses and makes such a marvelous tea!

warm and cozy tea Biltmore House cup electric kettle

I am also enjoying my new electric kettle.

(Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle)
This kettle allows me to set the perfect temperature for whatever tea I am desiring. Love it!

Victoria Romantic Crafts book lavender Chamomile tea Biltmore House cup

While enjoying this restful moment I thumbed through a Victoria Magazine decorating/crafting book, ‘Romantic Touches – Charming Handmade Projects for Every Room’. While indoors, I’m looking for lovely projects to occupy my time and to fill my home with wonderful things!

warm and cozy tea

I hope while we’re experiencing these incredibly low temperatures that you are able to stay safe and warm. I hope too you’re taking beautiful quiet moments to cozy with a cup of tea and a good book.

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  1. very elegant tea cup, and yes, the best place to be in this weather is home!!

  2. Lovely tea setting and beautiful teacup! I love to be home with a cuppa tea when the weather is nasty, although, here it desn’t snow, it’s rainy and cold right now, so I am having a warm mug of Green tea, myself.

  3. Love the teacup and the idea of tea-although I only drink coffee!l;>) It is cold here and we have been inside for a couple of days with this crazy cold. It will soon be over- I hope- xo Diana

    • I’m a coffee girl too – the stronger the better! I brought my electric kettle to work with coffee, tea and hot chocolate for us to enjoy and to keep warm!

  4. Priscilla says:

    I love your tea cup and the tea sounds lovely. I was wondering if you could tell me what kettle you are using? I am interested in purchasing one where you can set the temperature as well. Thanks!

  5. Hi Kathy! What a lovely cuppa you’ve shared today – Chamomile Lavender – sounds grand! I had looked at that teapot, too – but am working with a glass stove-top model because I couldn’t make up my mind. Looking at a couple other models currently – and getting a professional smoothie mixer so the kitchen counter landscape will be significantly changed this year. However, in minus wind chill temps today – I’m with you – tea and reading and cozy indoors!

    • I’ve been wanting an electric kettle for quite a while – a professional smoothie mixer sounds wonderful!
      Stay warm!

  6. What a nice way to feel safe from the outside! The cup is very delicate.

  7. Inside is where you will find me these days too, sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee. We are having the coldest winter and with mountains of snow. We had record snowfall in December and the temps so far have been bone chilling. I feel so sorry for the wildlife! Your cup is a pretty one and does make one think of springtime. Just eleven weeks to go. Yes, I’m counting them! Thank you for coming to tea and stay cozy.


  8. Snug indoors with a hot cup of tea or coffee while reading books & magazines is my ideal way of spending winter days. Your post reminds me of the many things to be thankful for and look forward to in the dreary days of winter.

  9. Your cup is very pretty, Kathy. I have made a few goodies with lavender in the past – I grow it myself, plus I purchased some food grade lavender as well. Yum!

  10. This is the time of year I like to curl up with old Victoria or Country Living mags and get inspired.

    • So do I! I keep my magazines organized by month and pull out the ‘vintage’ magazines to reconnect and to get inspired!