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Memories are funny things. We live and spend our days, but those moments flee from us and are far from our memory. Then, something triggers that memory and all our thoughts, feelings, the sounds and the smells come back. Being home for Christmas means so much to us and I remember a Christmas when we weren’t able to go home….
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Hello! I Welcome…I am your first visit to our Neutral Winter Home Decor Blog Hop Neutral Winter Home Decor…the perfect look and the perfect transition after the vibrant colors of Christmas have all but become a memory. I am inspired by the beauty of Wintertime. Nature decorates the world in a different way so that we can appreciate the beauty…
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Apple Votives

Christmas Party Food

We’re not exactly sure how many years we’ve been hosting our annual Christmas party. But, it has become a yearly tradition where we invite our church family, family, and neighbors. We’ve kept the routine simple: I do the decorating and cooking, Dearest and our daughter do the entertaining. Dearest is very good at the entertaining. Entertaining This can be as…
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